Bioquantine - Transforming Regenerative Medicine

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Bioquantine (BQ-A) as a potent cell activator and adjutant in isolation and / or combined with any of our regenerative treatments, is a therapy of choice in patients under serious or critical medical states.

Bioquark Inc., a strategic R&D partner of Regenerage, designed and patented the process for obtaining (BQ-A), containing over 90 polypeptides (proteins used to repair damaged human DNA and cells) which can be applied therapeutically to a wide range of patients in an advanced state of cellular damage and illness. Working at many molecular levels, and combined with other treatments, may potentiate and synergize expanded regenerative benefits.

BQ-A is a novel biological complex that mimics the regulatory biochemistry of living human zygote (oocyte) immediately after fertilization. During this period, oocytes undertake an unprecedented set of tasks that include: restoring cellular age, reprogramming DNA to eliminate genetic and epigenetic damage, remodeling of organelles, and protection of the embryo from inflammatory, oxidative or infectious factors. All this is done in synergy to start the genetic program of embryo development, and start it on its complex pathway, step by step through organogenesis and morphogenesis.

Bioquark has found a novel way to standardize this unique biochemical complex as a therapeutic derivative, thereby generating induction of specific tissues micro-environments conducive to regeneration and cellular repair. Bioquark is the first company that has taken the step to export this natural architecture of the biochemical regulation to diseased tissues in humans.

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