Combinatorial Biologics for Skin Rejuvenation Activating the Tissue Regeneration

Epithelial tissues like those that form the skin are essential to protect the human body from diverse aggressions. The skin is the largest organ of the human body and consists of several layers and structures. It is an essential physical barrier that protects us from the external environment (radiation, xenobiotics, microorganisms, etc.) but also intervenes in essential processes, such as thermoregulation, metabolism, the homeostasis of fluids, sensing, among others. Given its importance, damage to the skin lead to disor- ders of different natures that can eventually lead to diseases. When the skin integrity is compromised by a multitude of factors in- cluding mechanical, chemical, vascular, infectious, allergic, inflammatory, intrinsic, injuries, etc; can lead to many negative effects in the homeostasis. Skin appearance is important at all levels, since some attributes. This protocol is based on our principle of combinatorial biologics from natural sources including Lycopersicon escu- lentum extract on oral supplement and Bioquantine® boosting the effect on the facial cream and the BioActivaded Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP + Bioquantine®) showing the improved outcomes after a 8 weeks protocol. Our focused analysis is based on the pre- vention and protection given by Lycopersicon esculentum. The skin rejuvenation offered by Bioquantine® and the obtained skin re- generation through PRP facial applications. Lycopersicon esculentum is also involved in several health promoting actions.

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