‘No Option’ Patients

Compassionate Clinical Use

‘No Option’ patients are those who suffer from either a terminal medical condition, or who have exhausted existing standard of care treatment options on the market. REGENERAGE® offers expedited experimental access globally to ‘No Option’ patients who wish to access promising, next generation treatments, restoring health and hope. REGENERAGE® factors in the results of previous clinical trials to develop a further understanding of how we can create effective treatment models that incorporate scientific advancement, standardization and oversight.


Procedural Medical Travel

Those who seek medical care abroad, also known as procedural medical travelers, account for a $100 billion (and growing) piece of the global healthcare industry.  Quality of medical treatments overseas have improved dramatically in many countries, due to globalization of healthcare training, and prices have remained highly competitive.  As such, millions of patients are actively seeking clinical care (both standard and advanced / experimental) outside of their home countries, and this trend is only expected to grow significantly in the coming years.

‘No Option’ Clinical Gaps

The bio-medical industry unfortunately leaves many extremely vulnerable when standard of care is exhausted. Finding a way into clinical trials for example,  can be very difficult for an individual, especially if they're already sick. The limited amounts of these clinical trials, combined with a reluctance of those who are ‘no option’ patients to participate in them, deepens the problem. As such, innovative, experimental, "n-of-1" options are required by millions of patients who every year become 'No-Option'.


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